Made to Move

The human body is not designed to sit hours upon hours per day - yet our jobs, schools, modes of entertainment etc. promote large scale inactivity. Medical researchers declare “Sitting is the New Smoking” as studies indicate a sedentary lifestyle not only causes weight gain and joint damage, but diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.  

The most recent America’s Health Rankings report issued by the United Health Foundation shows Louisiana as the second unhealthiest state in the nation. 29.1% of Louisiana residents lead sedentary lifestyles, there is a high population of people living with diabetes and our state has high rates of cardiovascular and cancer deaths. Let’s take steps to live…better.

Pew2Pavement Session Details

Each 8-week group training session of Pew2Pavement includes:

  • coaching services by a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified running coach
  •  customized training plan 
  • devotion materials 
  • fitness tips and resources 
  • nutrition tips and resources 
  • program t-shirt 
  • walking and runner related product information and samples 
  • weekly support, accountability and fellowship via group walks/runs 
  • daily support, information sharing and connections via email and YouTube
  • educational workshops on wellness topics including nutrition, strength training, flexibility and massage  

About Nettye

Wife of Will. Mother of Jabari and Etana. Child of God.

Nettye Johnson is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, certified health coach, marathoner, fit foodie, and Christian wellness advocate. A former technical trainer, Nettye developed a passion for health education during her decade tenure with the nation’s leading weight loss company. In this work, she was struck by the decline of health, wellness, and wholeness in our nation and the importance of holistic education, motivation, resources and support to effectively address this trend.  

Nettye completed intensive study on nutrition, exercise physiology, behavior modification, and program design. She a health educator, ACE certified health coach,and RRCA certified running coach. Wholeheartedly believing apart from God we can do nothing, Nettye combined health coaching knowledge with 25 years of Christian education study and experience and founded Nettye Johnson Faith and Fitness Services LLC, (NJFFS), a Christian wellness organization providing a science-based, faith-empowered approach to health and wholeness.  

Nettye’s passion is helping people who refuse to live beneath their God potential engage their faith to improve their lives. Do you need a change? Are you ready to change? Let's talk!